Infrastructure + Cloud

Hosting critical applications on Azure Cloud, Acquia, or AWS (Amazon Web Services) by varied companies has become a trend. It is the easiest way to purchase and configure a cloud offering with minimal management expertise and a high return on investment, but experts in the field knows that the service offerings, price points, and configurations can vary substantially. If they aren’t configured properly, you can incur downtime or other interruptions.

AMANA hosting and cloud services begin with thoroughly understanding your unique needs including the type of applications you need to support from websites to corporate intranets to cloud applications, the availability and redundancy requirements, back ups, staging, etc, to develop an optimal strategy that is cost effective and easily manageable.

AMANA offers your organization access to a wide variety of fully managed hosting services including cloud and local options based on your specific business needs. Regardless of the option that is right for your business, we will monitor your site to ensure up-time and performance, maintain the servers operating system and supporting software for security and stability, and provide technical support when needed. We will also provide development and stage environments for testing and approval when new development is required. Please contact us for any specific information related to security, certifications, or sustainability.


  • Asset Tracking
  • Field Service Mobility
  • Fleet Management
  • Workforce Management