Core Values

Amana Asia's orientation has been towards customer satisfaction. We know the digital space can be intimidating at first when you emulate your business into this medium. Still, we assure you, we'll be helping you to keep the transition frictionless. Our support team will always be ready to help you out with any difficulties.

Projects Done

Fleet Management Solutions

Are you managing a fleet?

We know how tough it can be. When BioX came to Amana Asia, they had asked us to provide them with a solution to keep track of their fleet to avoid delays or help find the best possible routes for their drivers.

BioX's fleet management deployed Google Maps, Microsoft Azure, GPS and IoT systems. The fleet management system received appreciation from the client for its user-friendly features.

Technologies Used:
  • IoT
  • GPS

ODIN Cryptocurrency Wallet

The Odin cryptocurrency wallet application for NoWall was purpose-built for investment ease. This helped investors participate in Blockchain Token Sales or Initial Coin Offerings without the hassle of setting up an entire crypto harvesting system.

Technologies Used:
  • Blockchain

Asset Management

Is there a way to manage assets? Physical assets in the office are essential. If you're a big corporation or even a midsized office, you would like to track your assets to avoid damage and losses. When WindowsCozy came to us looking for a way to make asset management easy, we provided them with software which they could quickly deploy. RFID, GPS, Beacons and Bluetooth technology setup combination makes it crucially anti-theft.

Technologies Used:
  • RFID
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth

Realtime Location Tracking System (RLTS):

Is efficient workspace a very tough task to accomplish? No more. With Amana Asia, Eyota Engineering found what can be achieved. Eyota's RLTS system not only monitors employee efficiency, but it also sends out automated alerts in case of distress, fall or prolonged inactivity. The combination of these features was achieved by using RFID, IoT and LoraWan.

Technologies Used:
  • RFID
  • IoT
  • LoraWan

Construction Management App

TAAT is one of Singapore's leading construction businesses. TAAT came into our office with a need for Construction Management App. The drawing board had a conversation of creating efficiency in the app, which most task management apps lacked. With our expertise, we created a project management app which keeps everyone in the loop. It made it easy to executing day to day tasks while providing updates became more painless than ever.

Technologies Used:
  • React Native
  • Node js
  • Express Js
  • Mongo DB